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FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced
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FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced

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File Maker is a powerful and easy software, which allows creating individual solutions for your business that work on iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows. The main aim of this software is to provide your team with administration and publication of information.

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is one of the latest versions of this software. It has comfortable database and plenty of enhanced tools for developing and individualization of a product.

This version comprises all features of FileMaker Pro 11 and can boast by a set of new tools that will help users in designing and application development for work with database.

Besides, designing and developing of databases became really faster. Now users can set database applications in accordance with individual requirements (it is possible to add or delete some options of a toolbar).

Quick upgrade of databases, using import of several tables is one of the greatest enhancements of this version. Moreover, now it is possible to complete reports, using bright graphics or diagrams (there are five types of diagrams). Reports can be created in the form of a table. Due to enhanced interface, creation of reports became simpler and this procedure doesn’t take too much time.


Develop and design databases faster Customize your database applications even more by creating and modifying menu and toolbar items with Custom Menus
Monitor more efficiently Pinpoint problem areas by reviewing scripts step-by-step in the Script Debugger. Monitor fields, variables, expressions, and even test calculation formulas with the Data Viewer
Modify and maintain with ease Update databases faster by importing multiple tables or by copying and pasting fields, tables, and scripts. Get comprehensive information on all elements of your database schema with the Database Design Report
Enhanced Custom Menu UI Create Custom Menus more easily than ever with a new streamlined, intuitive interface
Custom Function Enhancements Copy, paste and import custom functions into your databases without having to re-key information
Improved Script Debugger Debug scripts attached to buttons and Custom Menus along with all the scripts on your layout