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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015
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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015

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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 is a popular software used for developing computer programs, web applications and sites. This is an integrated development environment produced by Microsoft. It is easier to develop amazing applications for Windows, Android and iOS using this software.

This program is a good solution of enterprise-grade, which has plenty of features for groups that work on various projects, including coding. In fact, this version comprises the same features as Visual Studio Professional but in addition to the main set of features, it has some supplementary ones.

Visual Studio Enterprise is an integrated complex solution for various groups with close tolerance and quality requirements. You can use a full set of tools and services for development of complicated corporative applications. Besides, users can produce native and managed code. This version supports various programming languages (C, C, C++, C++/CLI etc.).

Visual Studio cares for the needs of developers, giving them an opportunity to have multiple accounts. This is a real advantage because now it is possible to have separate accounts for developing and testing.

Cross platform mobile device support is one of the greatest enhancements. Now it is possible to build applications for various mobile platforms using only one program.


Enterprise DevOps
Ship better software, more frequently
Streamline and automate the workflow between development and IT operations and deploy applications faster. The Release Management capabilities in Visual Studio 2015 enable you to deploy continuously and define release stages, acceptance criteria, and approval workflows to automate the release process. After deployment is complete, close the loop between production and development and fix bugs faster with real insights and data captured directly in production.
Enterprise Agile
Create and empower agile teams
Agile tools and project management capabilities optimized for enterprise-scale projects help you manage work across projects and teams in an environment that’s productive and easy to use.
Manage complexity
Easily conquer even the largest solutions
Use innovative modeling tools and create the high-quality, mission-critical software that is the engine of your business. Easily manage dependencies and even the largest codebases with tools for code mapping and architectural discovery. Use advanced monitoring and debugging tools to identify, triage and fix complex application issues faster than ever.
No more “no repro”
Go back in time with code execution history for .NET code
As you edit and run your .NET code locally, you encounter an unexpected behavior — this could be a bug! Diagnosing such issues can sometimes take hours of searching through source code and repeated guesses where to set breakpoints. Using the diagnostic tools in Visual Studio 2015 and IntelliTrace, you can see the history of your code’s execution and navigate back in time to inspect state without manually setting breakpoints. This will save you a lot of time that you can spend more productively instead.
Higher-quality code
It's unit testing — now faster and easier
Use IntelliTest to quickly generate relevant unit tests for your code — automatically. IntelliTest dramatically reduces the effort involved in creating unit tests for new or existing code, so you can focus on building features instead. Easily create sets of unit tests for legacy code that has never been looked at before and increase path coverage and code quality — with minimum effort.
Unlimited load testing
Understand what your application can handle before you deploy
Visual Studio makes integrating load testing into your development process easy, and will help you avoid nasty surprises in production. Whether those surprises are caused by worldwide distribution, the scale of your customer base or problems that only manifest in multi-day runs, Visual Studio load testing will give you the analytics to solve those problems before you deploy.